• Bradway Shawl in TexRanch WORSTED

    Bradway Shawl in TexRanch WORSTED

    This sort of knit is definitely my jam! Most of it, I completed as a passenger on summer drives. It's pretty huge, which I like, but the pattern could be easily modified to shorten any or all of the sections to make it suit your preference. Following the pattern exactly required 4 skeins of my TexRanch WORSTED -- 2 in the main color, and 1 each of the contrast colors. However, I barely broke into that second skein of the main color, so you could very easily leave of a few rows of one or both garter stitch sections and make this a 3 skein project. 

    Colors I used: Palo Duro (red), Barely (light pink), Amarillo by mornin (brown).

    Find the pattern here: Bradway Shawl by Shannon Cook on Ravelry.