• To Do

    Making lists calms my often choppy mind. When I can't sleep at night, I get up and make a list of what's spinning around in my head: put it on paper to think about later. When I don't know where to begin at the start of a busy day, I make a list. When my projects and passions (read: UFO's... unfinished objects) pile up? List 'em and come to terms. And now, when my shop has been in vacation mode for close to a year and energy is finally on the rise:

    1.) Reopen Etsy shop, with current stock on sale.

    2.) Reskein recently dyed lace, photograph and list.

    3.) Scour undyed yarns.

    4.) Mordant undyed yarns.

    5.) Come up with a plan for Sheltand skeins... kits?

    6.) Photograph and list pre-mordanted skeins?

    7.) Blog post about Wool School.

    8.) Blog post about Foggy Hollow Ranch.

    9.) Update Ravelry.

    10.) Update Pinterest pattern suggestions.

    11.) Plant more dye plants.

    12.) Revisit and revise business plan.