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  • Coming soon!

    Coming soon!

    Castilleja will be a free pattern, available soon here and on Ravelry as a PDF. It's an adjustable-size, worsted weight cowl. Pictured above is the small one (now finished) I knit up for my youngest, Bea. She's a pistol. And she quickly claimed this color for her own because orange is her FAVORITE.

    This is the first color I'm ready to show off, and the first I'm determined to repeat and keep in the final line-up. I wouldn't exactly call it orange, but I wouldn't exactly argue with a four-and-a-half year old if I didn't have to, either. It's the result of two dips in the dyepot; the first containing osage orange...

    The osage orange tree is related to the American mulberry and is named after the Osage indians of Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. It was often planted to stem wheat field erosion in these states and others, but it's now somewhat overgrown and considered a nuissance by many landowners. I get my osage in liquid form from Earthues, whose supplier creates this colorant using downed trees and solor-powered technology. However, wood chips and/or sawdust will also create a potent yellow dyebath.

    Back to the cowl: Castilleja is the genus name for one of my favorite wildflowers, Indian paintbrush, a.k.a. prairie fire. To me, the elongated running-dash stitch pattern resembles the long, tall yellow & red wildflowers or tongues of flame. Maybe both.